iPortal by Schneider Electric | Help
The Schneider Electric Buildings, LLC Publication Zone is a web-based literature ordering and fulfillment program that allows you to electronically manage, order and track literature items.
Most publications in the Publication Zone can be viewed online or downloaded directly from the web. In addition, you can order literature where required.

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If you have just obtained access to iPortal, access to the Publication Zone will not be available till the next business day.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to have your pop-ups enabled to view PDF documents from PUB Zone.

Helpful Hints for Searching the Publication Zone

  • you know the "F" number of the document you are looking for, enter it in the Pub Number field. Type in the number portion only and omit any trailing -#. For example, if you wish to find F-21397-20, type 21397.
  • searching by description, enter the word(s) you are searching for enclosed in asterisks (*). For example, entering *valve* in the Description field will yield a list of documents with the word valve in their titles.
  • When searching by part number, enter only the first few characters of the part number enclosed in asterisks (*). For example, the General Instruction sheet which covers the MA-5213-500 Two-Position Actuator (among others) can be found by searching on *MA-52*.

  • When searching by Date Active, you can search for a range of dates by using the following expressions (DATE1 and DATE2 represent the beginning
  • and/or ending dates of the range):
  • <DATE1 finds documents published before the date entered
  • >DATE1 finds documents published after the date entered
  • DATE1:DATE2 finds documents published between the dates entered

  • If you have searched on a particular Form Type and wish to search again on all form types, click on the blank space at the top of the Form Type list.

    • You can further narrow your search by combining fields. For example, you can enter the first part of the part number and also select "General Instructions" in the Form Type field to find only GI sheets pertaining to that series of part numbers.